Bank Origination fee

This is a fee paid to the bank and is around .25% of the loan amount. There is usually a maximum of 5,000 NIS and the banks will sometimes offer discounts on this.


You will need to hire a lawyer to represent you in the purchase of a property. The typical charge is .5% to 1% + ma’am of the purchase price depending on the complexity of the purchase and if he/she will be taking power of attorney.

Property Appraisal

Having your property appraised by an independent appraiser is necessary in order to receive a loan. The cost is on a progressive scale relative to the cost of the property. The range can be anywhere from 600 NIS to 1200 NIS for standard residential properties when done after signing a contract and between 1500 NIS and 3000 NIS when doing it prior to signing a contract. The appraisal is an integral part of the loan process and should be undertaken in consultation with one of our advisers to ensure that the maximum value is obtained.


This is not mandatory, but highly advisable. The engineer will inspect the structural integrity of the property to make you aware of any potential issues it is. Problems can include water damage, electrical, plumbing, and any structural defects. Depending on the location, this should cost about 2,500 NIS

Smaller Costs

Mortgage registration – about 1000 NIS
Please note that the above numbers are only a guide based on average costs incurred in the past. Exact costs will vary depending on the lending institution and along with other factors in the mortgage process. These do not include any additional closing costs such as real estate agent, lawyer, purchase tax or engineers.