A home is the biggest purchase most of us will ever make, and a mortgage can be a powerful financial tool. No surprise, then, that a growing number of people in Israel have started to ask some smart questions about their mortgage. In fact, since our founding in 2003, the use of mortgage brokers in Israel has risen dramatically. Why? Here are 6 great reasons to use a Mortgage Israel broker:

1. Choice:

We have access to mortgages from a large range of lenders; so our clients have by far the best choice of rates and mortgage options. With partnerships in a vast network of lending institutions, including banks and non-traditional lenders, your Mortgage Israel broker can help design the perfect mortgage for you. Getting a lower rate can potentially save you thousands of dollars a year.

2. Independence and Objectivity:

We work for you, not for the banks. That kind of objectivity means that you-the client-are the focus. We fit the mortgage to the client, not the other way around. The banks push the mortgage products that are most profitable for them in the current interest rate environment. If they are making more money on one type of loan you can be sure they will be recommending it to their clients. We know the pitfalls and the fine print the banks are hoping you don’t pay much attention to.

3. Negotiating Power:

We have negotiating power because the lenders compete for our business. You’ll get the best rate for your situation and you’ll get the best terms. We can help to get you approved even if you have no traditional income or are self employed. Knowing what the current offerings are how to get you approved at the lowest rates available in the market are what’s made us the industry leaders.

4. Access to Rate Promotions:

You may not realize it, but there are sales and promotions in the mortgage world, too. Lenders often offer special rate promotions, for example. Your broker will know about these special offers, and whether they might work in your situation.

5. Expertise:

We have been helping people since 2003 with their mortgages. We challenge you to find a company that has more experience. That’s the kind of expertise you want to guide you through today’s mortgage market. With multi currency loans, index linked products and fixed rate offerings, today there are mortgages for almost any situation. And your independent Israel mortgage broker knows them all. Many products seem to offer a great deal but they could have penalties, fees and charges you may not be aware of. Or, they may not offer the flexibility you require in the future. A Israel Mortgage Broker can help you avoid taking out a loan you might later regret.

6. Personal Attention:

Taking a mortgage in Israel can be a complicated and frustrating process. There are a lot of legal and technical things to navigate. Having a Mortgage Israel broker on your team will make the process easier, more understandable and manageable. Our business is built primarily through referrals from satisfied customers, so your positive mortgage experience is essential for our ongoing business growth. We are here for you throughout the mortgage process and for years afterwards to help you.