“Lock in the Rate” – Fixing the Price of Your Home

One of the great unknowns when making a purchase in a foreign currency is the true cost of the transaction. Fluctuating exchange rates can make a planned purchase more expensive. Our “Lock in the Rate” facilities allow you to lock in a desired rate for future payment, giving you the exact cost of your purchase today without having to be concerned with a fluctuating exchange rate. This is accomplished through use of forward contracts.

Forward Contracts

Key Benefits

  • Secure exchange rates today for transactions anytime between three days to 12 months in the future.
  • Forecast budgets and costs lists without worrying about currency fluctuations affecting the cost of your home.
  • Low contract minimums and minimal interest-earning security deposit requirements.

Manage future risk by locking in a exchange rate

Forward Contracts let you lock in a rate today for delivery of funds on a future date. Once a rate is secured, your currency equivalent is fixed for the duration of the contract, thereby protecting your profits or price from erosion. This highly effective tool for managing currency risk can be used for both payables and receivables.

Forex Israel offers an array of market monitoring services that can help you lock in your cost when the market is at a favorable rate for you.

Contract terms may be as short as three days or as long as 12 months. Flexible delivery dates are available so that you can take final delivery of your funds on your chosen date or extensions can be provided if you need to reschedule the delivery date beyond the original contract.

Forward Contracts only require a minimal, interest-earning deposit upon locking in the exchange rate so setting up a contract has minimal impact on your cash flow. Additionally, Forex Israel offers low minimums so that even individuals or small businesses can take advantage of this service.