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Property Registration Information

Property is registered with various authorities:

  1. Tabu: This is the government lands registry office. This is an open registry - anybody can check the ownership of a property registered in this office.
  2. Minhal Makarai Yisrael: This is the Government Lands Authority - the holding company for most of the land in the country. The government leases out land and property - it does not sell land outright - usually for a period of 49 years often with an automatic right to renew for a further period of 49 years. The owner of a property must give permission before details of ownership are made available.
  3. Hevra Meshakemet: This is a body that is authorized to register property until, for instance, a building project is completed and the entire project is registered with the Tabu Office or Minhal.

Property is identified by system set up during the British Mandate.

The country is divided into sections each with its own unique number and each section is divided into numbered plots. These divisions are referred to as Gush (Section) and Helka (Plot). In built up areas where, for instance, an apartment building has been erected on a Helka, then each apartment is identified as a Tat Helka and given an identifying number. The rights and obligations of the owner of each unit are specified by Bayit Hameshutaf (Condominium) documents that include plans identifying each owner's property.

The information contained on this page is a general guide. Prospective purchasers must obtain specific legal and professional advice from qualified Israeli legal counsel or tax advisors. Information provided courtesy of Capital Property Consultants:
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